Marlborough Free Standing Gas Stove

Marlborough – Key Facts
Overall dimensions – Small 410 x 533 x 360mm (w x h x d)*
Overall dimensions – Medium 590 x 583 x 410mm (w x h x d)*
Overall dimensions – Large 730 x 628 x 420mm (w x h x d)*
Fuel bed Coals or Logs
Heat output – small 1.95 – 3.60kW
Heat output – medium 2.50 – 5.28kW
Heat output – large 3.10 – 7.25kW
Heating efficiency – Conventional Flue 78%
Heating efficiency – Balanced flue 82%
Command controls Manual
Standard upgradable
Programmable upgradable
Suitable for Chimney/Flue Class 1, 2 & 3
Balanced Flue
Powered Flue

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