Maintenance Manual

How to Maintain the Natural Beauty of Marble & Granite
With the proper care, your marble and granite products will stay looking new year after year. Stone is one of the most permanent and easiest to maintain of all surfacing materials. It is so easy, in fact, that routinely all you have to do is to give it a quick wipe with a cloth and clean water.This is your guide to preserving the beauty of your installation. Follow these simple pointers and maintain the beauty of your marble and granite with a minimum of care.

Occasional Cleaning
Periodic wiping with clean water and a cloth is generally sufficient to keep your marble and granite installation looking like new. Do not use detergents acids or caustic for cleaning.

Caution: All marble and granite products from Elm Marble & Granite Ltd has already been sealed once it leaves our factory. But extreme care has to be taken with natural stone. Juices containing acidic products, strong detergents, corrosive liquids or scouring powders can react on the surface leaving residues and dull the polished marble and granite surface and destroy the sealant. Wine, ink or oil still can penetrate into the marble or granite surface once the sealant is destroyed. So in order to avoid permanent stains, wipe it immdiately and do not leave it overnight. Keen & sharp objects can make scratches on the bench tops and hence proper care must be taken while using knives, and sharp utensils.

Sealers must be applied periodically depending on the wear and tear of the material and the porosity of the material, such as marble, granite or limestone. Our company policy targets on working closely with our clients and providing optional solutions to their natural stone requirements. We closely monitor factory production give prompt and personal service. We maintain supervisors specifically for quality control and ensure that materials are delivered as originally specified.